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Update highlights!
Contacts > New > Increased support for vision impaired users
Browser > New > More customization options and new localization settings for “Popular pages”

New – When you are trying to connect to a password-protected Wi-fi network, touch the Status bar to go to network login interface

Optimization – Recording menus revised in Contacts
Fix – Do not disturb mode will not change across time zones

Fix – When adding a name to the blocklist manually, user could enter symbols (not just alphanumeric)
Fix – After user viewed info on the blocklist, the count of blocked calls and texts in the Notification shade would not reset

New – Increased support features for vision impaired users
Optimization – Contacts take up less space in list view
Optimization – When you change details for a contact their corresponding group settings change automatically
Optimization – USIM card now supports the use of two numbers and two mailboxes
Fix – When choosing a recipient, cannot search company or other info
Fix – Customizing a ring for a contact made the Contact details page quit
Fix – Tags for Contact details were not displayed clearly
Fix – Deleted contacts would still appear under smart groups
Fix – Error would occur when marking phone numbers
Fix – Sometimes, when importing contacts from a Vcard, the app would quit
Fix – App would quit when user was deleting a group from list display
Fix – When editing contacts on the SIM card, the merge contacts function was displayed (this function is not supported for SIM card contacts)
Fix – When adding a new group, another new group with the same name is added
Fix – Contacts without numbers can be stored on SIM card

[Lock screen, Notification shade, Status bar]
Optimization – The status bar can transparently display items
Fix – When viewing content in full screen, the Notification shade would role back up automatically
Fix – Applying a wallpaper would cause memory leak

Optimization – When battery life is below 40%, automatically syncs photo history with MiCloud
Optimization – The interface for scanning a QR code automatically hides the title
Fix – Removed cloud albums start up popup
Fix – In Guest mode, when user opened gallery, the regular user interface would be displayed momenetaritly
Fix – Photos that were protected from being deleted could still be edited

Optimization – When play music in horizontal display, user's library is not displayed
Optimization – New interface for MiSound configuration (Add sample illustrations for headphone type and added general headphones Settings)
Fix – The numbers for song time on the “Now Playing” interface would display incorrectly
Fix – When listening to music online, when user touched “Play random”, player would always start from the first song
Fix – When listening to Music on the music widget, when user touched the ”Like” button there was no notification
Fix – On the Settings page for MiSound "Xiaomi in-ear headphones" was displayed on two rows

New – Customization on Useful pages interface
New – Useful pages localization settings

[Data usage]
Optimization – Ways to recalibrate and correct data usage numbers

[FM Radio]
Optimization – When closing and opening the Radio, it records whether it is in headphone mode or speaker mode
Optimization – Expanded the range of supported frequencies
Fix – After FM Radio app was closed the auto-search function wouldn't respond
Fix – When playing, if user's headphones became disconnected speaker would start playing

Fix – User interface was displayed incorrectly

New – New search experience
New – Recently played list displays corresponding images for shows
Optimization – Details page displays number of comments
Fix – Instantly refreshes the numbers for “My videos”
Fix – When the user hasn't picked a source, and played has picked a source, associated images wouldn't update
Fix – Sometimes, user play list history list view would quit
Fix – The individual numbers for Recently played in “My videos” and those for “Recently played” didn't match
Fix – After the player would automatically begin playing the next episode, app would go back to the wrong interface
Fix – After user touches manual search field, default keyword (placeholder) would not disappear
Fix – Sometimes, recommended keyword would not appear when user was searching
Fix – some cases, does not automatically play the next set of questions
Fix – Sometimes, the next episode in a series would not begin playing automatically after the previous episode had ended

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[img width=360]Pre zobrazenie URL sa musíte prihlásiť[/img] [img width=360]Pre zobrazenie URL sa musíte prihlásiť[/img]

[img width=360]Pre zobrazenie URL sa musíte prihlásiť[/img] [img width=360]Pre zobrazenie URL sa musíte prihlásiť[/img]

[img width=360]Pre zobrazenie URL sa musíte prihlásiť[/img]  [img width=360]Pre zobrazenie URL sa musíte prihlásiť[/img]
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