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Fix - Incoming call using a Bluetooth headset cannot hang up the phone directly

New - Set avatar using the online avatar library
New - batch delete function
Fix - Editing merged contacts will affect the default account when you add a new contact

Optimisation - Favourite pages appear long after text is copied
Fix - Messages containing (0086) lead to FC problems
Fix - SMS send / receive / fail status cannot be synchronised
Fix - Multiple contacts with a number, the number of name and avatar in the message list page transition
Fix - SMS session page may flicker when switching
Fix - Activation Failed dialog box, clicking cancel will lead to FC
Fix - Network MMS contains only text

Optimise - Theme application memory usage
Optimise - Save storage space after theme import

New - Improve face skin recognition function
Fix - Long press the back key to take pictures when the flash is not available
Fix - Front camera switch button issues
Fix - Voice shutter and HDR open at the same time displays two exit buttons
Fix - 4:3 screen interface layout problems
Fix - From SMS opening the camera video leads to problems

Fix - Editing pictures and saving effects does not save changes
Fix - Cloud album cache is not correctly purged
Fix - Animation causing UI issues
Fix - Horizontal screen entering the large picture page, the bottom of the tools menu appears dislocated
Fix - "film" effect photo frame FC issues
Fix - Opening the gallery to view pictures from third-party applications may lead to FC issues

Fix - Vibration is triggered every time the compass app is opened

New - Horizontal screen mode automatically hides system notification bar giving a larger display area
Optimise - Multi-label switching interface visual adjustments

[Sound Recorder]
New - Anti-disturb mode optimisation
New - Recording will no longer have to worry about sound interference (during recording you can adjust the volume to quit the anti-disturb mode)
Optimise - Recording playback to avoid other 3rd party players being used at the same time
Optimise - Playback and pause a recording notification display
Fix - Recording length and a progress bar displays inconsistent times
Fix - Rename recordings after recording length reached problem
Fix - Recording continues even after being paused

[LED lights]
Open LED lights to optimise flashlight application to simplify operation
Fix - Icon error issues

Optimise - Note editing page time display logic to avoid line breaks
Fix - In some cases notes cannot be restored from backups

Optimise - Retrieve the phone "was renamed"
Fix - Mailbox registered with millet account cannot be restored
Fix - register, the password input box shows as a normal input field
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